1.  Fixed shortcodes
  2.  Fixed loading the map only once for a single page
  3.  Fixed assign to new pins/shapes
  4.  Changed shortcodes to
  5.  Fixed html editor for advanced infobox (not loading for some websites)
  6.  Fixed bing map not loading completely


4.0 has some major changes related to shortcodes.

The previous system of creating the shortcodes for each map had flaws in the design, therefore the new design will increase speed. Shortcodes in 4.0 will look like this where 5 is the map id.

The system will look up the map info based on the map id.

Previously reported when multiple maps were created on a single page, errors will occur. This is now fixed in this version. A single bing map request is made to get the resources from Bing.

The Map Views shortcodes have been accommodated to the new shortcode system. Their format is  

Html Editor for Advanced Infobox

After long research, finally the html editor is now fixed, and it should show up properly on the page. A lot of people expected this fix, but finally is here.

All other changes are minor fixes.