Raffle Play Woo Premium – Version 5.9.0

Free Updates, and Support for 365 days


5.9.0 – Promotional Raffle 

Finally, the most waited Promotion Raffle  is released. (Date: 18-Feb-2024)

What is promotional raffle?

A: You can now giveaway free raffles based on customer’s value at checkout. You can set to give away raffle tickets based on cart value or the value spent from a category.

Watch the video for better understanding.



5.8.4 – Give Custom User Access to Plugin Pages

Now, you can delegate other users on your website by giving them access to specific pages with limited  or full actions.

Watch the video for better understanding.

View list of capabilities here.


Upcoming Updates

Raffle Promotion

Raffle Promotion will reward your customers by joining a raffle when they spend a certain amount on your shop.

One free Raffle Product will be created a with single raffle ticket.

In the admin raffle setting you can decide how many raffle tickets will be pushed to cart based on the amount spent.

Eg. amount spent up to $10, one free raffle will be pushed to cart, above $10 will be pushed 2 raffle tickets, above $50 spent, 10 raffle tickets will be pushed to cart.

What happens if someone will be remove items from cart. In that case the raffle product will be removed aswell.

Lucky Numbers (Instant Wins)

Lucky Numbers have been requested by a few people.

As the name suggests, you can select multiple numbers, which are linked to an instant win product.

Lucky numbers will only be available with random generated raffle tickets.

Customers can claim the prize by contacting you.

Lucky numbers can be displayed in the product page, and if won will be displayed in thank you page and email of the customer.

When a lucky number is drawn the admin will be notified by email about it.

Latest How To

How To – Add Question and Answer in the product page with validation of the answer.

Requested by a few customers. A custom question needs to be answered in the product page in order for the product to be added to the cart.

It’s a simple validation to check if the customer has the knowledge of playing the raffle.

Follow the video on how to customize the question, add answers and validate the answer.

View the code at:


Version 5.8.1

Version 5.8.3

Setup Video

Custom Template Setup Thank you Page / Email 

Version 5.8 – Countdown

Finally, the premium version is out and it comes with the following features:

  • Custom Raffle Name
  • Live / Test tickets
  • Unlimited Number of tickets per raffle
  • Unlimited raffles
  • Multiple raffle running at the same time
  • Unlimited number or raffle tickets per product
  • Multiple products per raffle
  • Terminate raffle immediately / by date
  • Limited number of tickets per raffle (can be set )
  • Custom ticket start number
  • Custom ticket prefix
  • Cstom Raffle Start Date / Time
  • Custom Raffle End Date / Time
  • Custom Email Header
  • Include Raffle name in Email
  • Custom Email Body (tickets extra info)
  • Email extra line info (eg: Draw takes place on … )
  • Export View Tickets table to CSV, TXT, XLS
  • Woocommerce Account – Raffle Tab
  • Control when the raffle tickets are generated (Processing, Completed Status) 
    • Custom Message if raffle hasn’t started (based on start date)
    • Custom Message if raffle has ended ( based on end date )
    • Custom Message when raffle will end ( if end date is set )
    • Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if no tickets left)
    • Custom Message – Add to Cart check (if tickets in cart exceed stock)
    • Shortcode for message per raffle
    • Restrict multiple raffle tickets at checkout (enable/disable)
    • Test Info system with custom number tickets
    • View info tickets, customers, orders
    • View tickets sold based on dates
    • View tickets based on order status
    • Record winners based on the raffle tickets (due to transparency, no random winner generator provided)
    • Custom Message if raffle is terminated
    • Random Ticket Generator for Limited length raffles
    • Ticket Leading Zeros
    • Custom shortcode with filter to get Raffle information
      • Reports Per Raffle (all are .csv format)
      • Daily Sale Report
      • Weekly Sale Report (Monday to Sunday)
      • Monthly Sale Report
      • Report by Region/County
      • Report by Country/County (option to include the rest of the countries)
      • Sales by Product
      • Export Custom Colums per order (including custom fields created at checkout)
      • Custom Currency Symbol per report total sale column
      • Filter report by order status
      • Filter report by Date range
      • Filter report by raffle
      • Calculate reports sale based on order sale or product price
      • Email PDF Attachment
      • Custom Hook Email Pdf Attachment
      • 2 PDF Template Attachments
      • Custom html/css PDF Attachment
      • Terminate Raffle with Buyout Product
      • Background Ticket Image for Ticket Number  for Thank you Page / Email
      • Variation Product Raffle (new in Version 5.8)
      • Show Countdown in Raffle Product (new in Version 5.8)
      The license has no expiration date. One license per website. Support and updates for 365 days.
      License, and download link is provided upon the payment. If you have any queries email me at developer@tuskcode.com

      WP Bing Map Pro (Free Version)

      Polylines, Circles, and Polygons

      (Starting from version 3.0 upwards – free version)


      Polylines are a great way to display routes, linked objectives, and combined with pins are a great way to show linked information along a route. Also can mimic a polygon shape without having an enclosed body.


      Circles can be used on many instances like showing area of an activity, work, operation, etc. Along with an advanced infobox can link to different pages on your website for more information. Unlimited circles can be added, for your website needs.


      Polygones are very useful due to malleability of coordinates, enclosing a region, to some specific coordinates, along with customization of the border size, and color and enclosed body of color and opacity.