Now you can delegate some of the work to different users thanks to the new update on User Access.

    Watch the video on the right for better understanding.

    Here are the Capabilities listed:

    raffle_default_crud  = Full Access to Default Raffle (Main Page)

    raffle_tickets_cr         = Create / Read access to Tickets Page
    raffle_tickets_u           = Update access to Tickets Page (can change tickets)
    raffle_tickets_d           = Delete access to Tickets Page (delete tickets capability)

    raffle_raffles_cru        = Create / Read / Update to Raffles Page
    raffle_raffles_d            = Delete Access in Raffles Page

    raffle_winners_cru     = Create / Read / Update access in Winners Page
    raffle_winners_d         = Delete acces in Winners Page

    raffle_reports_crud    =  Full access to Reports Page

    raffle_license_crud     = Full access to License Page

    raffle_releases_crud   = Full access to Release Page