Version 5.8.3

This version comes with a few changes:

  • Added Customization of the Raffle Ticket in Thank you Page / Email
  • Added Print Option for raffle tickets in “View Tickets” page
  • Added Orders Table view raffle tickets
  • Added Switch On/Off Order Table view raffle tickets – Extra Settings tab
  • Fixed Reports by Region
  • Fixed “View Tickets by Order” when Legacy orders stored in Woocommerce
  • Added “Group Tickets by Order” for Report “Export by Raffle Ticket”
  • Added Countdown in product card
  • Added Progress bar in product card and product page
  • Added “View by Order” – tickets can be grouped by order in “View Tickets” tab
  • Added Raffle tab in product page
  • Added – Customize Progress Bar tab in General Raffle.
  • Added – Customize Progress Bar from template
  • Updated – Compatible with new HPOS, and legacy order storage.

How To Customize Ticket Size/Font Color/Width/Height

Print Tickets, View Tickets Order, Custom Export

How To Show Countdown in Product Page and Card View 

Show Progress bar in Product Page and Card View