Version 5.6.6

This version comes with a few changes:

  • Added Edit Ticket functionality in the View Tickets Page.
  • Added control to enable fixing duplicates after order has been created.
  • Added functionality to delete raffle and any data associated with the raffle.
  • Removed testing tickets. Testing can be done on live data, and once finished, the tickets can be deleted.

Duplicated tickets might occur if you have lots of orders processed in a short time, and your webserver cannot handle it. As Default is “No”.

If duplicates are created, it’s recommended to enable this functionality, that will check and fix the duplicates after the order is created.


Changing Raffle Tickets. Requested by a few customers, it can be handy to control changes on the tickets’ number. Be aware after chaging the ticket number, you need to resend the order details to the customer with the new tickets.


Deleting Raffle Data. This can be useful when having too many raffles, and want to discard unecessary raffles. 

Requested by customers.