Version 5.6.2 release on 3rd of August 2023

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  1. Fix product column raffle view – currently products in the list were not showing  to which raffle it links.
  2. Added new shortcode [raffle name=’info’ id=’0′] with options info as the type of data to retrieve and id as raffle id.

Q: What the new shortcode does?

A: It will retrieve information about the raffle, and it can be placed anywhere on the site, in combination with other plugins like progress bar, or custom code.

Q: How to use it?

A: Copy the shortcode in any page or post, or block, and it should execute as shortcode. Next you need to go into your child them functions.php and add a custom filter to display the custom data as such:

The line below will get you started on how to display custom data about the raffle


add_filter('raffle_info_filter', 'funct_raffle_filter', 10, 2 );

function funct_raffle_filter( $content, $raffle_obj ){
  $content = "<p>Raffle Information</p>";
  return $content;

$raffle_object parameter is an associative array with the following keys values:

$raffle_id          = $raffle_obj['raffle_id'];           // get the raffle id
$raffle_name        = $raffle_obj['raffle_name'];         //raffle name
$start_ticket       = $raffle_obj['start_ticket'];        //starting ticket number
$limit_tickets      = $raffle_obj['limit_tickets'];       //limit number of tickets, if not limit 'unlimited' is returned
$sold_tickets       = $raffle_obj['sold_tickets'];        //number of sold tickets
$last_sold_ticket   = $raffle_obj['last_sold_ticket'];    //last sold ticket number
$last_sold_prefixed = $raffle_obj['last_sold_prefixed'];  //last sold ticket with prefix attached
$prefix             = $raffle_obj['prefix'];              //prefix string
$start_datetime     = $raffle_obj['start_datetime'];      //start date as epoch (number) 
$end_datetime       = $raffle_obj['end_datetime'];        //end date as epoch (number)  
$start_date_string  = $raffle_obj['start_date_string'];   //start date as string
$end_date_string    = $raffle_obj['end_date_string'];     //end date as string

With content being the html container, and the $raffle_obj array holding the data, custom progress bar can be constructed or combined with other plugins.

Below is the example from the YouTube video

Plugins needed for this example:

Linear Progress Bar – Plugin

Circle Percentage Progress – Plugin

add_filter('raffle_info_filter', 'funct_raffle_filter', 10, 2 );

function funct_raffle_filter( $content, $raffle_obj ){

 $content = '';

 $raffle_id  = $raffle_obj['raffle_id']; //raffle id

 $raffle_name  = $raffle_obj['raffle_name']; //raffle name

 $start_ticket  = $raffle_obj['start_ticket']; //raffle starting number

 $limit_tickets  = $raffle_obj['limit_tickets'];   //number of total tickets if not 'unlimited', else number

 $sold_tickets  = $raffle_obj['sold_tickets']; //number of sold tickets

 $last_sold_ticket  = $raffle_obj['last_sold_ticket']; //last sold ticket

 $last_sold_prefixed = $raffle_obj['last_sold_prefixed']; //last sold with prefix

 $prefix = $raffle_obj['prefix'];  //prefix 

 $start_datetime  = $raffle_obj['start_datetime'];   //1690911878, 0

 $end_datetime = $raffle_obj['end_datetime'];     //1690921878

 $start_date_string  = $raffle_obj['start_date_string']; //Tue, 01 Aug 2023 17:44:36 GMT

 $end_date_string    = $raffle_obj['end_date_string'];

 $is_terminated      = $raffle_obj['is_terminated'];  // true/false

 $raffle_class       = 'custom-raffle-class-'. $raffle_id;

 $left_for_sale = $limit_tickets - $sold_tickets; 

 $content .= "<hr />";

 $content .= "<p> Raffle has " . ( $is_terminated ? 'finished' : 'not finished') . "</p>";

 $content .= "<div class='${raffle_class}'> <p> Raffle: ${raffle_name}, Tickets sold: ${sold_tickets} </p>";

 if( $raffle_id == 0 && $limit_tickets !== 'unlimited' ){

 //default raffle 
 $content .= do_shortcode("[wppb progress='${sold_tickets}/${limit_tickets}']"); 

 }else if( $raffle_id == 1 && $limit_tickets !== 'unlimited'){

 $percent = 0;

 if( $sold_tickets != 0 ){

 $percent = (int) ceil( round( $sold_tickets / $limit_tickets * 100) );


 $content .= do_shortcode("[circle_progress fill=${percent} color='yellow' size='big']"); 


 $content .= "<div> <p> Raffle: ${raffle_name}, Ticket sold: ${sold_tickets} </p>"; 

 $content .= "<p> Tickets left for sale: ${left_for_sale} </p>";

 $content .= "<p> Last sold ticket: ${last_sold_ticket} </p>";

 $content .= "</div>";

 return $content;