Version 5.9.1

In this version there is a minor update for the raffles, making it compatible with new Cart and Checkout from Woocommerce.

There have been some updates from Woocommerce lately and cart products (like add to cart product, update cart, remove product from cart) are using REST API calls, making the customer experience more satisfying.

This version makes the plugin compatible with the following actions when using new Cart layout (block):

  • Updated messages when adding product to cart;
  • Restrict adding to cart if is restricted. (eg: raffle hasn’t started, no more raffle tickets, etc);
  • Update quantity in the cart, and if restricted show message;
  • Remove or add Promotional raffle tickets based on the rules;

To summarise this update, it’s making the raffle plugin compatible with the new Cart and Checkout from Woocommerce.

Promotional Raffles are also updating the data with the new Cart block.