How to show raffle countdown on product page?

Watch video from youtube. See the code below.

Countdown plugin:

Simple Countdown Timer

You need the shortcode [raffle name=’info’ id=’0′ productid=” tags=”] pasted in the short description of the product, or any other place of the product page.

For productid=”” add your product id, found in the url. eg: [raffle name=’info’ id=’0′ productid=’555′ tags=”]

Next, you need the following code in the functions.php of your Child theme (!!! important!!!)


add_filter( 'raffle_info_filter', 'custom_raffle_function', 10, 2 );
function custom_raffle_function( $content, $raffle_arr ){
// $raffle_obj is of type associative array and it has the following keys
// $raffle_id           = $raffle_obj['raffle_id'];         //raffle id
$raffle_name         = $raffle_arr['raffle_name'];       //raffle name
$start_ticket        = $raffle_arr['start_ticket'];      //raffle starting number
$limit_tickets       = $raffle_arr['limit_tickets'];     //number of total tickets if not 'unlimited', else number
$sold_tickets        = $raffle_arr['sold_tickets'];      //number of sold tickets
$last_sold_ticket    = $raffle_arr['last_sold_ticket'];  //last sold ticket
$last_sold_prefixed  = $raffle_arr['last_sold_prefixed'];    //last sold with prefix
$prefix              = $raffle_arr['prefix'];            //prefix 
$start_datetime      = $raffle_arr['start_datetime'];    //1690911878, 0
$end_datetime        = $raffle_arr['end_datetime'];      //1690921878
$start_date_string   = $raffle_arr['start_date_string']; //Tue, 01 Aug 2023 17:44:36 GMT
$end_date_string     = $raffle_arr['end_date_string'];
$is_terminated       = $raffle_arr['is_terminated'];     // true/false
$is_raffle           = $raffle_arr['is_raffle']; 
$tags   = $raffle_arr['tags'];
$productid   = $raffle_arr['productid'];
if( $is_terminated){
add_filter("woocommerce_is_purchasable", "__return_false");
return '<div> Raffle has finished</div>';
if( ! $is_raffle ){
return '<div> This is not a raffle </div>';
$pro_custom = strpos( $tags, 'pro-custom') !== false;
$time_now = time();
$started = false;
if( $start_datetime ){
if( $start_datetime > $time_now ){
//raffle hasn't started yet 
$content .= "<div> Raffle will start in </div>";
$content .= do_shortcode("[gpls_wpsctr_quick_countdown id='inkfufyj22' datetime='${start_datetime}']");
$started = true;
if( ! $started && $end_datetime ){
if( $end_datetime > $time_now ){
global $raffle_enddatetime;
$raffle_enddatetime = $end_datetime;
add_action('woocommerce_after_add_to_cart_form', function(){
global $raffle_enddatetime;
echo   "<div> Raffle will end in </div>";
echo do_shortcode("[gpls_wpsctr_quick_countdown id='inkfufyj' datetime='${raffle_enddatetime}']");
if( $pro_custom ){
$content .= "<div> You are in a custom page product </div>";
return $content;